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How We Are Different

Competitive Advantage.

We want to know your business and know the contractors so we can help match the perfect contractors with your business needs.

Boots on the Ground

We want to know your business so we can match you with the best possible candidates.

From Start to Finish

We're committed to be with you every step of the way.

Tailored to Your Business

We'll ensure our services best meet your business needs.

The Right Candidates

Our diligent screening process ensures you get the right people.

Safety Standards

We maintain the highest safety standards and understand policy, procedures and Government standards.

Compliance Tracking

Our contractor compliance tracking ensures every contractor is in full compliance, at all times.

Industry Monitoring

We continually monitor the industries we serve and track changes so we can communicate to our contractors and verify they are knowledgable and compliant, at all times.

Trends and Concerns

Staying on top of industry safety trends and concerns, then communicating this to our contractors, to ensure every step is taken to make sure this is not a concern on your site.
What We Do

We want to build relationships with our clients, our pricing is competitive and we're willing to work with our clients to find solutions that work best.

Daneen Dahlin

Company Director

what we offer

Workforce Solutions

We currently provide skilled candidates for the following industries.